20 Types of Marketing: A Guide To Marketing Your Business

Digital marketing takes place entirely online. It uses technology and digital tools to connect with audiences where they spend their time: online. 


It leverages digital channels like social media, websites, and search engines in order to get new customers and spread the brand message. 

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is often thought of as the opposite. Of digital marketing, as it uses tactics for brand promotion that have been around for many years. 


It takes place offline with tactics that have telemarketing lists been used for decades, including things like billboards, television and radio ads, print advertising, and cold calling. Approach to information while collecting important data and metrics to use in the future.

Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a more popular and effective way of getting new customers by attracting them to your brand using less obtrusive methods. 


It’s built around pillars of providing BW Lists value to your customers and making sure that your brand resonates with audiences without needing to rely on disruptive tactics. 


Inbound marketing also focuses on working  continued value to customers.

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