5 e-commerce trends for 2023

Subscription services or products may gain weight in e-commerce in 2023 In this model, the user pays a subscription and has access to a service or receives a product at certain intervals. Of the consumers interview, 92% agree that companies BW Lists will invest more in this business model from now on – the result is the sum of those who completely agree (58%) and those who agree a little (34%). In fact, 86% of respondents were willing to subscribe if a brand they lik start offering products or services within this model – the result is the sum of those who completely agree (54%) and those who agree a little (32% ) with the statement “if the brands I like offer convenient product delivery via a subscription model, I would be willing to subscribe.

E-Commerce Trends

Companies Since the subscription model is base on recurring billing, the use of subscription management software can be a technology option to help automate billing. In addition, as subscriptions are based on plans with different benefits and prices, a price optimization program can help in defining the best price to be charg. E-Commerce Cambodia B2B List Trends in 2023 In this article, we share five e-commerce trends based on Capterra research publish throughout the year. The goal is that they can inspire businesses to make better business decisions and thus prosper. In a constantly changing market, whether in terms of technology or user demands, businesses must closely monitor e-commerce developments to quickly identify new opportunities to bet on.  The subscription business model seems to have found fertile ground in Brazil.

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An example is the number of subscription clubs currently available on the market. It is estimat that, in 2014, there were only 300 companies offering this type of service; in the year 2021, it is estimat that there were already more than 6 thousand signature clubs in the country. However, according to an expert, the subscription model is still an industry with different levels of maturity, depending on the niche. This is because the content and streaming subscription segment can already be consider extremely mature, while other segments, such as car subscriptions, are still unknown. With the strengthening of this business model, the new Capterra survey investigates precisely the niche subscription market.

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