5 softwares de PDV gratuitos criados no Brasil

Explanation on how to activate a virtual store through Minestore ( Source ) Minestore is a virtual store platform that allows the configuration of the consumption experience desired by the company: a virtual store or a subscription club – in the latter, the model is based on the recurring sales system. Within the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, the tool allows you to register products by inserting tags, which can help boost the ranking of BW Lists content in the organic results of search engines. Minestore also offers unlimited upload of product images. As one of the best e-commerce platforms according to Capterra’s methodology, Minestore gives the user access to a library of responsive themes, as well as an HTML editor for customizing themes.

Minestore gives the user access

In terms of payment, the customer can do it directly in the virtual store, without being redirected to another page. It is also possible to choose whether the sale is for individuals or legal entities. Among the available plans, Minestore offers a free option, with unlimited registration of products and images, but without the possibility of Israel B2B List customizing themes. 3. Cloudshop Nuvemshop tutorial on how to set up a virtual store ( Source ) Nuvemshop’s online sales platform offers layouts for personalizing the virtual store, in addition to the possibility of customizing sections using rotating banners or videos. It is also possible to choose products to act as a highlight on the homepage of the online store. It is also possible to edit automatic emails to the customer base and customize the store’s checkout, connected to an anti-fraud system.

Cloudshop Nuvemshop tutorial

Email List

Nuvemshop also allows you to integrate the system with WhatsApp, marketplaces and management applications. If the store intends to sell internationally, the platform allows you to add countries, languages ​​and currencies. With regard to page administration, Nuvemshop offers the creation of profiles and permissions to run different functionalities. It also includes tools to track visits, billing and average ticket, filter and search for sales and products, and use of your own domain. Nuvemshop also offers a free plan, with unlimited users and access to business management applications, but without its own domain.

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