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Complete version In the paid version of GoBrunch, the tool offers access to up to 400 participants per event. In addition, the user can create up to 15 rooms per online presentation and has access to other extra features, such as a live whiteboard, chat history and polling.  Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Hopin lets you create, host and manage live events. The duration BW Lists of the virtual event can be up to two hours, and there can only be one organizer with administrative access. It is possible to create unlimited events and, for each presentation, Hopin allows the registration of up to 100 users. For the event registration page, this program for making lives allows optimization through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO content in English), which can help boost the form in search rankings and attract a wider audience to the event.

The duration of the virtual event

Hopin also offers a participant registration system where tickets can be free, private or paid – available in any currency. It also provides moderation tools and performance reports. In terms of the attendee experience, Hopin offers private Palau B2B List and event messaging features, a professional backstage (where presenters can meet or chat before going live), support in 10 languages ​​and a virtual welcome space with the events schedule. Complete version The most complete version of Hopin gives access to up to five organizers, 100 participant registrations per month and up to 72 hours of duration per event (there is also the possibility of customizing these values ​​according to the company’s needs.

Complete version The most complete

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Users also have access to integration with external tools and access to advanced data analysis tools. 3. Livestorm Livestorm Tutorial the user has no limits on the number of events or moderators. An event can support up to 10 records and be up to 20 minutes long. As for features, this free live streamer offers screen sharing, chat options, Q&A sessions during events, unlimited replays, guest presenters, and automatic email reminders. In the free version, this tool also allows some actions during live broadcasts, such as sharing PDF files or YouTube videos. Also, in “Q&A” sessions, the software can display a message with a question from an attendee while the presenter responds.


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