A content audit for finding the top

Right and check the “Top pages” box Enter the web address into the filter Click DONE Now you’re looking at a report with only one row the URL. On the right you’ll see Clicks and Impressions. We want to see the search rankings so we have to add that metric to this report Scroll up to the top and click on the “Average position” box. Quick on the QUERIES tab Now you can see every phrase that this URL ranks for the number of clicks and impressions for each phrase and the average position which is basically the average ranking

Over this date

Range You’re really looking for the striking distance keyphrases which are the phrases for which this URL ranks high but not very high. Sort business email list the report by average position then scroll down until you find the positions below 5 but above 15. There they are. This is the low-hanging fruit. These are your best SEO opportunities for this URL. Our goal is to improve our Google rankings for one of these. It may be obvious which of these is the most valuable. The current target keyphrase may be right in front of you. Pick one. If there are several

Closely relat

Phrases don’t worry about the variations too much. Targeting one will target them all. There is an easy trick for seeing if you’re looking at one keyphrase or two. Just search BW Lists for them both and look at the search results. Lots of overlap? It’s really the same phrase. Caution: When you optimize your page for a striking distance keyphrase don’t accidentally de-optimize it for an even better keyphrase. Look again at the report.

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