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There are two main reasons why these respondents reject nontraditional subscriptions: 30% said that if they need something they prefer to buy it themselves. 30% don’t want to lock themselves into a subscription. There are many different ways companies can provide subscription services depending on their business model and the products/services they provide. While there are 19% who are not interest in the model, the vast majority of respondents BW Lists show interest in different types of services within the context of non-traditional subscriptions, which we explore below: product boxes Almost half of these respondents (49%) express an interest in paying for a box of products. In this subscription model, the consumer regularly receives a box at home with new products from a certain segment. It can be a box of drinks, books, among others.

Cosmetics is consumers

In the Capterra survey, the top type of product that respondents would accept per box is cosmetics (61%), followed by clothing (52%) and food (51%), with 4 out of 10 respondents (40%) would feel comfortable paying between BRL 21 and BRL 50 for these subscription boxes. Cosmetics is consumers’ favorite box type supply box Supply Indonesia B2B List boxes are a type of subscription that aims to regularly provide the same product, such as machine coffees, for example. In this case, 27% of respondents who do not have non-traditional subscriptions show interest in carrying out this type of subscription. In this category, the main product that people would like to receive regularly are basic consumer items such as coffee and cereal (55%). Also 52% indicated products for pets and 51% highlighted products for cleaning, such as disinfectant, washing powder and glass cleaner.

Highlighted products for cleaning

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For supply products, 34% would be willing to pay something between R$21 and R$50. But, in this category, the values ​​are also balanced in the other ranges: 26% would be willing to pay something between R$51 and R$80 and 22% are comfortable paying amounts between BRL 81 and BRL 110. Most respondents would pay between BRL 21 and BRL 50 for supply subscriptions Service Subscriptions The service subscription model gained more popularity through video streaming services such as Netflix or Globoplay. However, there are other types of services also offered in this modality that even gained more prominence during the pandemic.

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