Agile Concepts in Software

 What is a Prototype? Why Is That Important? SDLC Method in Software Development What are Wireframes? Difference between Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype Everyone’s physical condition is different. In fact, the number of people with disabilities in Indonesia alone reaches 22.5 million people or around 5% of the total population of Indonesia (BPS, 2020). Among our friends with disabilities, one inspiring story comes from Achmad Maskuri Isnawan , a graduate of the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program . This IT developer does not make his disability (impaired) a barrier to progress. Technological development is very fast. You must always study and study When asked about what made him interested in entering the world .

IT Maskuri reminisced about

 his high school days in the 1990s. His interest in Mathematics made him acquainted with programming algorithms and interested in studying this science more deeply. Even though in that era he had to stop because he faced problems with the lack of supporting facilities and infrastructure for studying. He came back and started focusing on IT in 1999, at that time he was still whatsapp data using Clipper or DBase III, Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic 5. However, he felt it was more suitable when using Delphi 5. After years of working in the IT field, many things have changed Maskuri’s perspective. Based on his experience, being an IT Developer is a job that will never be finished and there are always improvements and feature enhancements. “ The speed of development of this technology is very fast. You must always study and learn. When building a program from start of development to completion, there are only two possibilities. First, if there are no complaints from clients or users, it means the programming team is really great.  

Or the second possibility

 That the program that was built is not used at all ,” Maskuri said jokingly. However, ironically what often happens is the second possibility. Maskuri added that every programming must have bugs or improvements, even if they are just cosmetic improvements. That is the fact that happens in the field, however we as programmers must be prepared for that. Being an IT programmer must BW Lists be ready for all situations Even though he has been working in IT for a long time, Maskuri certainly still experiences problems when learning, ” My biggest difficulty is reading programming documentation ,” he said with a chuckle. Maskuri prefers direct examples if an error occurs, such as asking the problem to the Stackoverflow platform . He also likes to learn directly from source code scenarios , by deliberately making errors in code and from these errors he can better understand how the program works.

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