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YouTube is among the largest video libraries on the internet and while there are plenty of GIF stores out there. YouTube can beat them all due to the sheer    number of videos on the platform. However. YouTube doesn’t feature many GIFs and you’ll need to first convert a YouTube video or part of a video to GIF before using it for your project. That’s where YouTube to GIF converters come in as they help you turn any part of a YouTube video into downloadable GIFs.

Top 10 YouTube to GIF Converters You Must Try

Because they are so compact. these GIFs only take up a few kilobytes of disk space. Also. these GIFs can play continuously in a loop without the need to press play each time. Well. that’s good information about GIFs. but how can you turn this simple image format into a valuable resource for your YouTube videos? Let’s find out. If your job involves anything related to creating or editing video projects. you should consider using GIFs in them.

These GIFs can enhance the entertainment special data value of your videos and increase user retention. Apart from this obvious benefit. here are some other advantages of using GIFs:

Simply put. the information in your videos can make them hard to watch for a long time. Also. the user may feel overwhelmed with information and may only retain some parts after a few days.

GIFs. especially those with text. can improve the retention potential of your videos and make viewers get more out of them. Since these GIFs are often humorous in tone. they can easily allow you to get your message across in a fun way.

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Why should you use GIF in your video projects?

Instead of using conventional snippets of video footage in your video projects. using GIFs can greatly speed up the entire editing process.

Also. since these GIFs are usually  BW Lists small. they won’t damage your hardware. You can save quite a bit of space on your drive and put less stress on your graphics processor while editing the video.

Humor is subjective. but one thing we can all agree on; a funny GIF in a video makes you laugh and enjoy the video better. But let’s not just limit ourselves to funny GIFs. GIFs with information and clever  can make the video much easier to watch. GIFs have been shown to have a positive outcome when it comes to the watch time of a video.

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