Amazon Files Lawsuits Against Fake Reviewers.

I bet that like me, you’ve already taken a few minutes of your time to read reviews about a particular product you were looking to buy. And I’m sure you’ve already been frustrated, even with great reviews. This can happen because of fake reviews.

Generally speaking, they are false perceptions about an item, made with the aim of deceiving customers and lessening the work of the competition.

And these false opinions not only harm. Our customer experience, but also impact the credibility of many companies.

Amazon case: what is this big company doing about it?

With a focus on harming the company and deceiving customers at the time of purchase, false reviews are not only on Amazon in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Japan.

The e-commerce giant says that all buy telemarketing call list the information collected will serve to identify who is behind these Facebook groups and prevent this type of situation from recurring in other businesses.

The company uses advanced technologies and expert monitoring to try to prevent customers from being scammed, barring millions of negative reviews that are considered suspicious. And among the products that suffer the most from these fake reviews are electronic devices.

Fake reviews: an impact for e-commerces

It is important to say that false reviews do not only apply to negative points, but also to false positive reviews.

After all, who hasn’t come across a product that promised to be everything, and when receiving it at home was surprised by something totally different?

When buying a product, we want our BW Lists expectations to be met and everything to be as advertised, but when that doesn’t happen, we have consumers who end up opting for other forms of acquisition, whether migrating to other online stores or looking for new ways to buy.

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