Amazon’s Acquired Vacuum Cleaner Can Map Users’ Houses And Raises Concerns About Privacy

Another trend that impacts not only marketers lives, but reflects on everybody else, are the smart gadgets that are everyday closer and more common on a daily basis. We are now able to ask devices to turn the lights on, schedule meetings, watch our pets, play our favorite songs or add something to the grocery list. Soon, we will also be able to ask them to do some chores for us, and this is closer than you think.

What Amazon Would Know About You?

By mapping an entire home, the bigger the house, the richer the person might be, so premium products and services may make sense. To this customer. Depending telemarketing list on the type of on the floor, it is possible to know not only about someone’s wealth but also offer specific types of cleaning products. The customers are already concerned. Yes, your performance campaigns can get a boost in the short term. But you can have trouble in the long run by having a brand image crisis for disrespecting your client’s information and wants. Be careful. 

Customers Are Worried About Their Data

People are concerned about how companies are dealing with their data.  More than a half, 55%, said to a The Drum’s survey that they don’t like to share their personal data, even if the price is for a better digital experience.

Nonetheless, the vacuum is just one more device to be added to our routine, frequently receiving inputs about how we are living our lives and transforming 

this information into business data. The thing is, how safe is it all going to be and what is the limit of smart and connected things in our lives? Do we want BW Lists the companies to know so much about us?

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