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 Two wrong migrations entered San Francisco Bay. [116] The bottleneck dolphins and harbor rat dolphins that have disappeared for decades have recently returned to the bay. Historically, this is the northern scope of the distribution of their warm water species. [117] Birds Black neck stilts in flight in the Bellanz Nature Reserve In addition to seeing a variety of marine birds in the Bay Area, many other species of birds also take the Bay Area as their home, making the area a bird watching Hot destination.

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[118] Due to human and other factors, many birds, including many birds described in the   special data  following paragraphs, are listed as endangered species despite being common in the area. Western cave owls were originally listed as a special species by the California Department of Fishing and Hunting in 1979. From the 1980s to the early 1990s, the number of California decreased by 60%, and continued to decrease at a rate of about 8% per year.

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 [119] A 1992-93 survey reported that most counties in the western part of the Bay Area had almost no breeding owls, leaving only Alameda County, Contrasts County and Solano County as once large-scale breeding Remnants of the range. [120] Photos of a group of cave owls in the   BW Lists  cave. Anja’s cave owl Condor was once common in the Bay Area, but due to DDT poisoning, the habitat was destroyed and eggs became thinner, and the number of California vultures was reduced to 35 pairs.

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