Are follow-up emails useful or is just 1 email enough

This will show the longest-tail keywords first, which tend to have fewer searches. Remember that the longer a keyword is, the easier it is to rank in theory. kw semrush Now that I have this new list of long long tail keywords, I will add the ones that are interesting and that I do not yet have listed on my list. In this way, I refine my keyword search much more , increasing my chances of positioning. You can also do the same with Sistrix: keyword sistrix Search volume 0? If results appear with 0 search volume as in the example, do not ignore them, just add those keywords in content without giving them much prominence since they will not attract much traffic.

SEO tools estimate less traffic than there is in reality

Result with 0 searches does not mean that it industry email list has no searches, just that there are very few. Think that if the tools obtain these results, it is for a reason. Once you have done this with the first three or four Google results for your keyword and you have added more keywords to the excel that you have been creating throughout the keyword research, you can start writing your content or sending the document to your editor. There are many ways to do keyword research but it is clear that the more.

Do you have any foolproof tricks when doing keyword research

professional your method is and the more BW Lists attention and care you dedicate to it, the better results you will achieve when positioning your content with a URL. In fact, one of the main mistakes why a web project does not take off is usually because proper keyword research has not been done. Hence the importance of dedicating the necessary time to this process: you have to be an SEO surgeon. Do you have any foolproof tricks when doing keyword research? What tools do you use? See you in the comments! Raiola Networks offers a 20% discount on all its WordPress SSD Hosting plans for all Blogger3cero readers.

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