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Word of mouth marketing is still incribly powerful in 2021. As consumers are increasingly wary of being sold to and trust recommendations from friends. Family and professional contacts with whom they have an existing relationship. 44. Spread your knowlge far and wide even if you don.T consider yourself a public speaker. Most entrepreneurs and business owners have valuable knowlge to share. So whether you.Re looking to make a little extra money Ask for endorsements through professional endeavors or you.Re looking to leverage knowlge for potential contacts.

Resources or services.

Know that you can discover a lucrative speaking Europe Email List opportunity in almost any industry . With many industry conferences and events moving to virtual formats in the wake of covid-19. There are plenty of virtually speaking opportunities to be had for industry thought leaders. 45. Actively participate in community events. If your business is even a little local (or if you.Re just an active part of your community). Now is a good time to get involv. Go out. Donate your time. Resources or services. Volunteer for a silent auction or local charity.

Professional groups

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Connect to your community and you will find that BW Lists it will pay off in the coming months. Years and decades. 46. step away from the screen and embrace the internet face to face your local chamber of commerce. Professional groups. Or even groups that aren.T even slightly relat to your industry are perfect. Because. While you may not try to make sales through these networks. Human interaction can be the key to perfecting your pitch and remembering what it.S like to make face-to-face contact. And. When these groups are held virtually for social distancing or even just convenience.

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