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I was born and raised outside the mainstream expectations for gender roles in a typical middle-class family formed by cis and heterosexual members, except for me — what a challenge for me and my family in terms of leveraging expectations and growing together.

As a child, I loved my mother’s high heels and makeup — “of course,” hidden from her and my two male brothers while dad was super busy at work. I also preferred having female friends and playing house and dolls — Mariana was my first partner in crime, and we were only four years old.

First steps, still discovering and willing to do more

However, this condition may have helped me experience a successful journey through law school at the second-best university in my country.

I applied to study law because free speech and self expression were already part of my values, and not coincidentally, I publicly came out for cell phone lists the first time as a gay man with a public kiss at a freshman party. For the first time in my life, I felt I had a place in this world outside of home.

From my perspective, the process of coming out was never an individual journey, so I have questioned myself as to what I could have done to improve the experience for my community in law school, as many of my colleagues were still in the closet.

Another turning point

The waves were not good at all, and a two-year relationship was gone in this same period. For the first time in my life, I hit the bottom and understood that maybe overcoming the recurring question in my 

Before moving ahead to this coming BW Lists out process, it is important to mention. That I was already dealing with some recurring episodes of gender dysphoria, but not with clarity nor awareness; only after this intense week did the episodes begin to occur with a much greater frequency.

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