What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Security and agility: doctors can store all patient information in one place and in a potentially safe way through features such as encryption, making it difficult for others to access sensitive information. Easy access to specialists at a lower cost: Teleconsultation allows access to clinics and hospitals miles away from the patient’s home at a lower cost. This is a BW Lists huge benefit, especially for those who are far from large urban centers, where most specialists are concentrated. timeline what is telemedicine and how does it work Main functionalities of medical software As we mentioned, telemedicine refers to virtual care, but the main software for medical use in Brazil usually offers a set of functionalities in addition to telecare. Check out the main ones below: appointment scheduling It allows scheduling appointments and controlling the appointment calendar.

The electronic medical record tool

Patient record storage The electronic medical record tool gathers all patient information (drugs use, diagnoses, medical history, allergies, radiological images, test results, etc.) and facilitates access to data. In addition to being safer than the old paper reports, electronic medical records help organize information. Old paper files can also Benin B2B List be scann and import into the tools. Online consultation access As previously mention, this is an online service, using the computer’s video and audio system. The practices authoriz by CFM were: Teleguidance , in which physicians can guide and refer patients from a distance. Telemonitoring , for the supervision and monitoring of health parameters . Teleinterconsultation , for exchanging information between physicians.

Teleconsultation allows access to clinics

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Sending of prescriptions After the medical record, the electronic prescription is undoubtedly one of the most important functionalities of such software. As previously comment, the new law on the practice of the modality in Brazil only considers valid an online prescription with a digital signature. In addition to simple prescriptions, some software have integrations with systems that connect doctors and patients directly with pharmacies to locate and even purchase medications. Management resources Similar to ERP systems , the main telemedicine software also have management modules for clinics or offices, with features such as accounts payable/receivable, inventory and logistics. For doctors who work with health plans, many platforms offer the module for managing/billing TISS guides, a tool establish.

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