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This is a lower percentage than that of countries like France (17%), where it is even allow by law for workers to be monitor subject to certain requirements, such as written communication (content in French). The way Brazilian businesses are dealing with the issue has generat a good impression among workers, increasing their confidence in the BW Lists good practices of companies. So much so that employees’ confidence in the companies where they work is high: 71% believe that their company would only carry out monitoring within the law. Interestingly, when the analysis is carri out thinking about “companies in Brazil” as a whole, and not just considering the company where each individual works, the scenario changes: only 43% said they believe that most companies would only monitor employees within the laws.

The way Brazilian businesses

Best practices for implementing monitoring in your company 1. Reflect on the need and type of monitoring to be use so as not to carry out surveillance indiscriminately. Include information on surveillance in the employment contract clause. Clarify in the company’s bylaws what type of monitoring will be carri out; 4. Inform employees New Caledonia B2B List what types of access or which web pages will be block; 5. Open a communication channel with the employee through 360-degree feedback software . About two-thirds of Brazilian employees accept monitoring by their own choice The implementation of a worker monitoring system seems to have met little resistance among Brazilian employees who have their work activities track.

Employee sentiment around the employee

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The Capterra survey showed that, among workers who were informed about the use of these surveillance systems, about two-thirds (63%) of professionals accept monitoring because they wanted to, without feeling pressure from the employer to accept it. On the other hand, 2 out of 10 employees (4% who accept because of pressure and 22% who accept because of a little pressure) report some kind of pressure from their companies to agree to monitoring: Employee sentiment around the employee monitoring system Of the people who declar that they were not track by their employers, 48% would accept being monitor if they had the option to decide.

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