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Or conventions are written in the documentation. So, a programmer is very obliged to read documentation. “Maskuri explained. Even though he experienced difficulties, his passion and hobby for programming motivated him to continue learning IT. “ I chose to become a programmer because I was aware of my physical limitations. “A programmer actually works very flexibly, so flexible that he knows no time ,” said Maskuri while laughing casually. Maskuri feels that currently as if programmers don’t have time to ‘relax’ outside of their job desk , even though it’s not like that. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices are implementing WFH policies for their employees. Maskuri considers work in the IT sector to be very suitable for the current situation. 

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It all depends on each individual, whether they want to focus on what is their responsibility, or remain focused but while improving their skills, exploring and updating the knowledge they have already learned. In recent years, many companies have needed workers in the IT sector. Job opportunities are vast but competition is tight. This should be a benchmark for programmers or prospective ws data programmers, where when there is more and more competition, we have to force ourselves to always update and upgrade. Limitations are not limitations With Maskuri’s enthusiasm and motivation in learning IT, not many people would think that he is a disabled person. In carrying out his daily activities, he is assisted with walking aids such as sticks and wheelchairs. However, Maskuri did not use this as an obstacle or reason for him to just sit in silence. However, on the contrary, he didn’t even feel there were any obstacles in his activities as an IT Developer. Rather than cursing what happened .

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Of the current state of the world which is now very sophisticated, ” With today’s technology, work can be done remotely. If you have a Linux system, you can use SSH, whereas if you use Windows you can use Remote Desktop. That’s the biggest reason why I entered the world of IT .” From the story he shared, who would have thought that he was not actually someone who had an IT BW Lists educational background. In 1997, Maskuri graduated as a Bachelor of Agriculture at the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), one of the top 10 best campuses in Indonesia. “ In the past, agriculture must have had field practices. I thought, wow, the practice of planting corn and soybeans in groups is also fun. But after realizing, thinking again, and looking at the field, how come people with disabilities can go into agriculture. Wracked my brain at that time, it can’t be this. ” I can’t, ” recalled Maskuri.

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