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Online store advertising and newsletter. Newsletter is an often underestimat form of store promotion. Often treat with neglect – sent only to inform about some promotion. Mistake! Remember that this group may include both regular. Customers and those who sign up out of curiosity and have not yet made a single purchase in your store. So take care of an interesting and interesting newsletter. And what is important – regularly sent. Use it not only to promote individual products on the website.

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It is a good tool for building the image of an expert in a given child and increasing trust in your brand. In the newsletter. Boldly inform recipients about promotions. But also about a new post on the blog or in social mia. Reveal interesting facts from the industry and create trends and inform about new products in the store. Content marketing works. Take care  of opinions. Your customers’ opinions about purchas products, shop, service, delivery, etc. are something you should use. So encourage recipients to leave a review after the transaction. The report “E-commerce in Poland ” shows that as many as of respondents treat opinions about a given store as a factor affecting the cribility of a given website. As a result, they are Latest Mailing Database more likely to shop in such a store if they see that others have had positive experiences with the brand. Stay up to date with consumer nes What does it mean. Read reports from which you will learn about the behavior of online buyers.

Latest Mailing Database

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Follow research conduct not only on your potential target group ( Generation Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers), but also reports focusing on e-commerce. The latest report “E-commerce in Poland ” reveals such useful data as that buyers ag – most often indicate discount codes and an attractive appearance of an online store as a BW Lists factor that affects making purchases on a given website. The same study also shows that of, and of clear information about returns and complaints.

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