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The prioritization of human health and well-being in decision-making emerges as a priority for companies engag in Conscious Capitalism ”, she states. And, finally, there is also the issue of new consumption trends and behavior BW Lists in people’s search for more sustainable products and services, which ends up directing long-term strategies of some companies. In this context, it is worth remembering that research led by Capterra show that 7 out of 10 respondents said that the sustainable actions of a company influence them , to some degree, when they choose products or select suppliers, with food and drink being the main types of product that the company sustainability matters most when making a purchase.

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Does engagement in favor of the environment also extend to SMEs? A quick Google search shows that the twenty most polluting companies in the world are, in general, large corporations in the field of fossil fuel production. Although small and medium-size companies (SMEs) are not inclu in this account, more and more damage to the environment Turkmenistan B2B List has shown that ESG concerns can concern all companies. According to Vanessa Pinsky, all companies, regardless of size or area of ​​activity, can and should make efforts to reduce their environmental impacts and externalities. Union of different sectors is fundamental to contain the advance of the climate crisis Another important point is that companies extend engagement outside the facilities, also assessing the sustainability levels of their suppliers and encouraging their customers in favor of sustainability.

Union of different sectors

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Among several possible strategies, emissions can also be offset by supporting audited environmental projects, which have carbon credits, as discussed below. 4 types of software that help enable sustainable actions In terms of using technology for sustainability, companies have the option to invest in these categories: – Sustainability software : help organize data from your operations to measure the company’s impact on the environment. ESG software : automatically collects data and is capable of generating reports related to environmental, social and governance initiatives. Energy management systems : help monitor energy efficiency and help reduce consumption.

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