Carried out by each team to discuss

Excess Software development takes relatively fast time and does not require too large resources. Can respond to changes quickly and in accordance with client needs. Clients can participate in software development by providing feedback to the development team during the software creation process. Lack This agile method is not suitable for teams that are committed to completing projects together. Not suitable for large teams with more than 20 members. Each team member must be ready for changes that can occur at any time. 12 agile principles Agile software development is based on 12 principles. The following are the twelve principles: More emphasis on user satisfaction by releasing products quickly and gradually.

Always open to accepting changes

Even if it results in delays in product development. Can produce software that can work well in a relatively short period of time. Can establish good cooperation between product developers and clients. Create an atmosphere containing members with high motivation. With a supportive environment, each member will complete their work well. As much as possible, communicate whatsapp number list directly, because this method is considered more effective for conveying information. The progress of an IT project is judged by the software that can work well. Continuous software development with support from various parties, such as users, clients and developers. Having superiority from a technical perspective is the main thing in developing software using agile methods Simplicity is the main point in agile development to maximize existing resources. Each team member must be able to organize themselves. Reflect regularly on more. 

Effective ways of working and adapt

 Accordingly. Conclusion So that’s the discussion about agile for software development. You can apply this method when building software with your teammates. You can also experience the benefits of using this method for yourself. Keep up the enthusiasm and good luck!teams The final goal is that developers are invited to manage their own software development matters. Meanwhile, the BW Lists manager himself serves as a liaison between developers and clients so as to reduce the occurrence of miscommunication . Advantages and disadvantages of agile After knowing the explanation, benefits and goals of agile, now we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of agile development.

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