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External Calendars : If you use another online calendar, it’s worth considering which external calendars the software is capable of integrating with. Thus, it is possible to continue the same organization processes with which you and your team were already accustomed. Type of reminders: many platforms only send appointment notifications via BW Lists email to the event attendee in the free version. If you consider that for your reality sending SMS is more efficient to avoid non-attendance, evaluate platforms that have this type of notification. To help power your search for the best free online scheduling system, it’s also worth reading other user reviews of each software and looking at all the features offered by each platform. Neither a lack of budget nor a shortage of staff.

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One of the main challenges of customer service management is finding the right software to handle support tickets. This is the opinion of 24% of employees of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), who work in areas connected with customer service, interviewed by Capterra in this second part of the study on trends by SAC. The online Myanmar B2B List survey involved the participation of 408 people between April 14 and 27, 2022, who worked full or part time (the complete methodology is available at the end of the article). In addition to the difficulty in finding tools that support management, SME workers also cited as a challenge the existence of many customer service channels (21%) and the wear and tear on the team caused by pressure from customers (19%), as shown in the chart below.

Capterra in this second part

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New technologies in customer service can help to face the main challenges of customer service management Although the workers listed some difficulties, it is important to emphasize that half of the respondents feel very satisfied with the service offered by their company to customers; in addition, 44% considered themselves “moderately satisfied” and only 6% showed some degree of dissatisfaction (this is the sum between those who feel “minimally satisfied” and those who declared themselves “not at all satisfied”). The types of software used by SMEs in customer service.

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