Conclusions from the link building study

I insist, don’t add them Conclusions from all crazy, keep things natural and consistent. In this case, some of the terms that interest us are, for example: “safe search”, “all urls”, “request history” or “remove url”. If you need even more details, below the graph you have a table listing all the terms and Dino RANK’s recommendations about how much exactly you should increase or reduce the number of times each appears in your content. Tip: get your content headers from your competitors In addition to the density of semantic terms, you can also improve your headings (H2, H3, H4…) thanks to the X-ray that Dino RANK makes of the structure of your competitors’ content.

The terms and Conclusions from Dino RANK's recommendations about how much

You will only have to scroll and below the table of terms you will find top industry data the structure of the URL headers of the top 10 on Google for that keyword . From its analysis you can extract your own H2 (remember, don’t copy, improve! ) wdf df dinorank Competitor keyword research Another classic variant when working on keyword research is to do it based on the keywords that our competition already ranks. Once you have those keywords, you will have to check in your Excel if you already had them noted from your initial keyword research and, if not, add them to incorporate them into your content.

Competitors with an authority that is difficult to overcome with a seed keyword

The first thing I’m going to do is enter BW Lists my seed keyword (“cat breeds”) into Google and choose some of my competitors’ URLs in the first search results to analyze them with SEMrush. It is possible that you will encounter high-level competitors with an authority that is difficult to overcome with a seed keyword. Therefore, the strategy to follow will be to look for the long-tail keywords for which that result is positioned , since they will be easier to rank than those that are broader (short tail). In first position I find Animal Expert and its brutal authority, so I will use SEMRush to know what keywords it positions for that URL and I will order them from lowest search volume to highest.

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