Consumer behavior towards non-traditional subscriptions

Receiving a product or service regularly for a fix payment seems to be a model already accept by many Brazilian consumers. That’s because new Capterra online survey on subscription-bas businesses shows that 9 out of 10 respondents (94%) have some kind of subscription, either to access services or to receive products. This form of consumption is part BW Lists of the so-call recurrence economy , a term use to characterize structur services bas on the subscription method whose price system is establish on consumption – and not on ownership. In short, the consumer contracts to use the model for a certain period of time, while the contract is in force, without this meaning a permanent purchase of the goods.

Offering discount coupons

Companies that want to invest in this business model can manage recurrence using subscription management software , which helps with actions ranging from recurring billing to automating promotions. 5 typical features Hong Kong B2B List the recurrence economy – Services provid with some periodicity (for example: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually); – Existence of different types of product or service plans, with more or less benefits; – Offering discount coupons or trial periods to attract consumers; – Ease of contracting and canceling the service – the action is usually carri out online, without contact with sellers; -Recurrence in financial return, generating more stable cash flow and predictability in billing.

Traditional subscriptions

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In addition to investigating the amount that consumers are willing to pay for different types of subscriptions, Capterra also addresses in this study whether respondents see future potential in this type of business. It is worth mentioning that, to gather the information in this study, 1,002 people from all regions of the country were interview, who should shop online at least once a month (check out the complete methodology at the end of the article). The different types of subscription model In Capterra’s research, to facilitate understanding and analysis of the different types of subscriptions available on the market, the following division was made: Traditional subscriptions: these are the most popular paid subscriptions, whose service is offer in the virtual environment, such as video or music streaming platforms. Netflix and Spotify are some of these models.

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