Consumers will expect shorter delivery times

The data refers to the sum of three different ranges – from BRL 51 to more than BRL 111. The graph below shows the result divid by the value ranges: Subscription market and the investment made by consumers monthly One of the differentials of subscription-base models is the ease of adopting and canceling the service. As the data indicate, when it BW Lists comes to the action of canceling a contract service, companies are not presenting difficulties to consumers. This is because, of the 58% subscribers who have already had to cancel, 69% found the action easy, albeit to different degrees – 30% found it very easy and 39% found it a little easy. Most feel comfortable storing credit card data on the platform It is common that, in subscription services.

Subscription market

The customer saves his credit card details on the platform and is automatically charg for the service thanks to the prior authorization grant to the provider company to carry out this charge – subscription management software helps businesses to organize the recurring payments system. For just over two-thirds (68%) of customers with current Cocos Islands Keelings Email List non-traditional subscriptions, such a transaction does not appear to be an issue. That’s because they said they felt comfortable, on some level, saving their credit card details to perform a non-traditional subscription. Of the 32% who repord some type of discomfort, the main reason is relat to security concerns (86%), follow by problems with data protection (63%). Attention to digital security A company that carelessly becomes responsible for leaking customer data.

Reinforcing the security

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General Data Protection Law , runs the risk of having its reputation affect – even in the long term. Customers are watching: Capterra’s cybersecurity survey , publish in 2021, show that 7 out of 10 respondents seek, before carrying out a transaction, more information about companies on specializ websites, such as Procon or Reclame Aqui. Reinforcing the security of customer data can be done through the use of cybersecurity software , encryption software. Although, network security systems , among others. Online advertising is a lure for subscribers Some brands seem to be remember organically by consumers. One example is Netflix, which in this research is consider a traditional subscription model.

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