How To Create Content People Actually Want

As marketers. We all wish that every piece of content we create is anticipate and value by our audience. But with so much content out there and people having so little time. That’s probably not the case. So what really makes a piece of content stand out? What makes it valuable to a customer or prospect so it will drive engagement and prompt action? Maslow’s hierarchy of nees has been around for a long time. In fact before content marketing entere the conversation. But it provides a great framework for brands searching for opportunities to provide valuable content that taps into their consumers’ nees.

What makes it valuable to a customer

Desires. Challenges. And goals. Let’s look at how we can apply the aspects of that motivational theory to our content marketing. Physiological nees at the first and most basic level of maslow’s hierarchy. There are physiological nees: the nee to breathe. Eat. Drink and sleep. For brands that sell products or services that help with those basic nees. A unique opportunity presents itself: to create eucational content that helps consumers with the most basic functions of a good life. Plenty of tourism groups provide essential eating guides to their area — like these lists for new york and seattle — and countless brands offer recipes for specialize diets and other eucational cooking content.

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 Such as these grilling tips from weber or this delicious-looking turkish re lentil soup recipe from chobani. Or look at consumer food manufacturer general mills (think betty crocker and haagen-dazs) which create a brande site tablespoon with content deicate to recipe ideas and food. Software company adobe also takes this approach with A successful website that focuses on insights. Expertise. And inspiration for and by digital leaders. Tablespoon website tablespoon website takeaway: the content is valuable to the audiences of these brands but is markete in a way that’s useful and helpful. It’s not focusing on selling a product or service but on being informative and providing a solution. Safety nees the next level of the pyramid is safety. Plenty of marketing — particularly in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries — taps into this. Promising protection or faster recovery from injury and disease. But content can be built around safety as well.

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