Cosmic adventure in the Muffin Galaxy

Amelia and the Terror of the Night”. One of the most interesting productions of OhNoo for adult audiences is the adventure game “Tormentum – Dark Sorrow” , which we wrote about on our website. Currently, together with the animator Alek Wasilewski, they are working on an animat adventure game call Tsioque, for which they obtain BW Lists funding from Kickstarter in 2015. The latest production entitl Snot & Fluff – A Space Adventure is a funny and informative story about friendship, courage and helping others, it allows you to experience an unforgettable journey to distant galaxies full of colorful planets, inhabit by various creatures and strange animals.

What is Glutek and Kłaczek about?

The proposal is intend for the youngest users of smartphones and tablets, but I think that parents will also be happy to take part in this adventure. The OhNoo studio has already accustom us to carefully prepared mobile applications, “Glutek i Kłaczek – Space Adventure” is a perfect example of a high-level implementation, intend Greece B2B List for the youngest. What is Glutek and Kłaczek about? The main characters of the story are Glutek and Kłaczek. The first is a traveler, an adventurous globetrotter, and the second – its opposite, a homebody who loves baking new types of cookies. Although, Glutek, tir of his monotonous life, sets off on a cosmic journey, forgetting about his friend for a moment. Missing and lonely, Fluff builds a rocket and goes in search of Glut.

Teaches and makes each user

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Screenshot from the mobile application “Glutek i Kłaczek” In order to engage the youngest in the fun even more, the authors have hidden golden stars on the pages of the story. The child first listens to the story read by a professional narrator, and then tries to find the four stars hidden on each of the boards, which are necessary to unlock the mysterious board that ends the story. The task is not as easy as it might seem, because some stars have been cleverly hidden and many times we will have to search all the nooks and crannies very carefully.

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