Create a Patterned Backdrop

Create a “revealing” story series uncover a mystery image with the help of the eraser tool. This next hack involves skills from trick, above. Hope you’ve done your homework because this is absolutely a test.

Add an image in create mode. Select the eraser tool. Erase a bit of the color layer to reveal a small sliver of your image underneath. Hit the save button to download this to your camera roll. But do not upload it yet. Uncover some more of the image by continuing to erase the color layer, hitting the save button at various stages to capture the reveal step-by-step.

When you’re done collecting all of these images, start a fresh story post and upload that very first image.

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Post the next saved images one by one so that followers will see the image being uncovered in stages.
Guess what’s for lunch revealing story

create cool effects with the eraser tool. A few business database strategic swipes of the eraser can create the illusion of photo and other elements merging into one. Harmonious! Inspiring! Is this… art? Open the photo you’d like to use. Use the marker tool we like neon to create a visual element that overlaps the central object of your photo.

Now, use the eraser tool to erase any marker bits that overlap with the main photo object. It’ll look like the drawn bits are weaving around it. An optical illusion! Eraser tool effects on person standing on beach.

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Compose a multi-image story. The more images, the merrier! Use the paste tool to throw as many photos into a story as you’d like. Who would dare stop you?!

Open your camera roll and BW Lists select a photo. Tap the share icon, and click copy photo. Back in the instagram app, click in a text box and select paste. Repeat to pile on the pics. Multi-image story cat and train

use instagram’s phot booth feature. You’re a model, baby! Instagram’s new phot booth feature will take four snaps in a row, which you can then showcase in a variety of dynamic formats. There are a lot of flashing camera bulbs, we’ll warn you right now.

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