How do I create a successful podcast?

Streaming has its perks, and as companies invest in event infrastructure and remote work, live streaming appears to have become an essential practice. Streaming allows you to reach people who cannot attend an event in person due to costs, deadlines or logistical limitations. You can expand your audience reach, attracting digital BW Lists viewers from around the world. You can also increase viewer engagement by allowing them to comment and ask questions. In addition, the use of streaming allows your business to continue operating even in crisis situations, as was the case during the most critical moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. Renown events, such as Broadway musicals , were able to maintain their performance even with the doors clos and musicians and artists were able to improvise live shows with the increasingly famous lives.

The five free options for programs

There are many streaming software that can be use to stream events online and in real time. If you’re concern about the high cost of live streaming, free live streamers can be a simple solution to the problem. Some of them are: The five free Papua New Guinea B2B List options for programs to make lives ( Source ) In this article, we gather five software options, which had a minimum of 20 reviews in the last two years on the Capterra page (check out the software selection methodology at the end of the article). These are the tools that will be review, in alphabetical order. In order to imitate face-to-face events, GoBrunch allows you to organize unlimit webinars, with up to 120 participants per live event and three rooms.

This free live streamer offers features

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Virtual events held through GoBrunch have no duration limit. This free live streamer offers features for moderation, such as controlling microphones and cameras. In addition, the user has the option of choosing layouts for the virtual rooms, in case it is necessary to create a more personalized experience. During the session, the presenter can share his screen, including audio resources; participants can raise their hands, vote and send expressions. In the free version, it is possible to record a session, download it and then generate a shareable link to make it accessible later for those who did not attend the live presentation. Software users also have access to an engagement report.

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