Mega marketing and how to apply the concept created by Kotler

Mega marketing is a concept created by Philip Kotler to define a work that deals with aspects that go far beyond the relationship between a brand and its audience. Therefore, In this field, external factors that impact the credibility and solidity of a company in. The market are evaluated and managed. Therefore, Communication between a company and its public is. A fundamental part of what we know as classic Marketing. But there are also administrative and political issues. Therefore, Involved when positioning a company in front of society. Therefore, it is essential to better understand what Mega marketing is. 

What is Mega marketing

Mega marketing is a concept created by top people data Philip Kotler to address. Therefore, The elements of marketing that go beyond the relationship between a brand and its audience . Therefore, These are external factors that can affect the public perception of brands and impact their. Development and stabilization in the market. Kotler preaches in this idea the need for companies to. Apply efforts beyond positioning brands in a market and being able to reach their audience. obtain positive influence by encouraging large corporations to have a qualified perception of the brand. Being able to influence the public’s perception of it.

How does this concept work

Even though these are the most BW Lists recurring topics and. Therefore, In fact, generate a more visible impact, since they are the main concern of marketing teams. It is necessary to carry out administrative work. As consumers, it is common to be unaware of all the work. Therefore, Behind a new company that has established itself in the market with a successful and ascending brand construction. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Its entire enormous base, which is not visible. Is the one that has a mega dimension and is made up of influences and good relationships.

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