Crucial Updates for Product Professionals

Create personalized experiences Generation Z reinvents itself every day. And for this reason, to connect with it, brands must be more dynamic than ever and flatly reject “one size fits all” in their marketing and advertising campaigns. When it comes to reaching centennials, personalization is an essential “must”. Lay’s launched, for example, in 2021 a campaign.

Important that the borders

In which Leo Messi sent individual category email list messages to his fans with the help of AI . 3. Create connections between the digital world and the physical world It is important that the borders that separate the real world from the digital world are almost imperceptible. After all, centennials hardly differentiate between the online and offline world.

Comes to connecting with Generation

Brands that are aware of this reality BW Lists enjoy a significant competitive advantage when it comes to connecting with Generation Z in an authentic and genuine way. It makes, for example, all the sense in the world for brands to digitally enrich the real world with moments of a totally virtual nature. Many concerts and festivals are currently held virtually.

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