Customer Persona vs. Marketing Persona: What’s the Difference?

Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of digital content designed to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.

To do that, you have to skip promoting your brand in favor of being a source of truly helpful info.

When done correctly, your content should make people feel understood, supported, and valued. They should feel like they got the knowledge they needed without having to dodge a pushy sales pitch.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, this tactic can drive immense interest in your products and services.

Your Role as a Content Marketing Producer

As a content marketing producer, you must come up with content ideas, create the content, and then distribute them through all the right channels.

You may also set key performance how to buy bulk phone numbers indicators (KPIs), measure your content performance, and engage with your audience directly.

To start that journey, you must first understand. Your customers’ needs, likes, and online behavior.

You need to know their pain points, ideal solutions, and where they spend time in the digital space.

then can you create the right content and send it their way.

How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Plan

Although you can create your content piece by piece without any clear plan, it’s a good idea to have a strategy guiding your efforts.


Building a winning strategy is easy, too, as long as you follow these nine steps to creating a content marketing plan. This includes:

Researching your audience

your competitors

Researching relevant keywords

Setting goals

Exploring different BW Lists types of content

Discovering new distribution channels

Creating a content calendar

Delegating content

Drawing up a publication schedule.

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