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The online survey, which investigates the panorama of customer service in Brazil, had the participation of 604 people from all regions of the country (access the complete methodology at the end of the article). Still according to the report, for 18% of BW Lists respondents the SAC (acronym that refers to the Customer Service of companies) remain the same, while only 12% believe that it has worsen. Younger participants have the greatest perception of SAC improvement Digging deeper into the issue, age seems to weigh heavily on impressions of customer service evolution, as younger age groups tend to see more improvement than older people, as shown in the chart below: The evolution of customer service in Brazil, according to age group.

The arrival of new service channels

The information above, by itself, would already be an important indicator of the evolution of customer support. However, there are more factors to be optimistic about the quality of SAC. This is because, when they contact a support service, most people (63%) feel that they are an important customer for the company. Only 37% have the impression Zambia B2B List that they are bothering them. How to evaluate customer service satisfaction? Receiving customer feedback is a way to access their opinion about the customer service offer by a company. This can be done by measuring the satisfaction rate through NPS (Net Promoter Score) systems or by sending surveys using research tools. Although the consumer’s opinion counts a lot for any action taken, it is also possible to analyze the performance of the SAC using customer service systems.

Receiving customer feedback

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This type of tool is capable of generating reports with information on open tickets by period and average time to resolve tickets, allowing you to identify what can be improv. New support channels may have help improve customer service The arrival of new service channels may be a hypothesis that justifies the impression of improvement in the SAC, mention at the beginning of the article. If before it was common for people to call a call center to receive support, today they can count on digital support options, such as the platforms list below: Chatbot : is an artificial intelligence (AI) platformthat is capable of sending automatic responses to consumer queries.

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