Data breach is the main concern in the use of biometric technology

The use of some biometric technology as a tool for validating activities or personal identification – often through the use of multifactor authentication software – seems to be already widespread among Brazilians. At least this is the situation from the information generat by Capterra’s research on the use of biometric data. Only 4% of respondents said they do not use any type of biometric method (seven types of biometric technology were present BW Lists in the survey questionnaire, namely: facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint, palm scanning, iris scanning and vein scan). The survey involv the participation of 725 respondents between February 11 and 16, 2022, who should have taken some digital action in the last year, such as carrying out online transactions at banks or making a purchase via e-commerce, to participate in the survey.

Biometrics can be use to unlock

The complete methodology can be access at the end of the article. What is a biometric method of identification? Biometric technology is a method of individual identification that analyzes behavioral or physiological characteristics of a person, which can Djibouti B2B List occur through iris reading, facial recognition, fingerprint or other technologies. Among several applications, biometrics can be use to unlock cell phones, access buildings, conclude financial transactions at ATMs and release services offer by public institutions. Loss or theft of biometric data is fear of half of respondents According to the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) Although, an individual’s biometric information is consider sensitive data as it allows identifying a person and can be use in a discriminatory manner.

People’s main fears about the use of biometric

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In the Capterra study, one out of two respondents showed that the biggest concern when using biometric methods is a data breach, which can lead to loss or theft of biometric data. Then, people showed that they also fear the misuse of biometric data (48%) and possible identity theft (46%), as shown in the graph below: People’s main fears about the use of biometric technology While raising concerns about the use of biometric technology, when asked what types of personal biometric data they would share with companies, only 22% of respondents said they would not feel comfortable sharing biometric information – as mentioned earlier, seven methods were listed.

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