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Social commerce is the term use to define electronic commerce carri out via social networks. Although it is not a relatively new movement, it is a method that is being updat due to new social networks that are gaining strength, new features launch by existing platforms and even the advent of new payment methods such as PIX . In order BW Lists for social networks to serve as a sales channel in a company, in addition to having social network marketing software and social network management platforms , it is also necessary to know the behavior of users on each platform, which will help define topics ranging from the content to be publish to the types of items to be sold on these channels. Within this context, the Capterra survey shows that users are inde engag with brand content.

With most users checking their networks

To gather this and other insights on social media commerce, Capterra interview 1024 users of these platforms, age between 18 and 75, who make at least one online purchase every six months (the complete methodology is available Laos B2B List at the end of the article).  The behavior of respondents in shopping through social networks With most users checking their networks more than 10 times a day , as shown in the first part of Capterra’s series on the subject, it would be surprising if in Brazil these platforms were not also use for buying and selling goods or services. How does social commerce work? Social commerce is a strategy use by brands to promote products and provide sales.

The behavior of respondents in shopping

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In this type of strategy, the company maintains active profiles on social networks and frequently publishes information of interest to its target audience, which can range from informative content to commercial pieces with the aim of selling products. To follow an editorial calendar of publishing content, many businesses choose to implement social media management platforms , which help in automating the sharing of posts and analyzing their performance. Although, Capterra’s research points out that 6 out of 10 respondents (62%) have already purchas via social networks, a type of purchase modality that can be initiat by clicking on a publication.

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