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They are often the channel-specific engines that deliver outbound marketing messages and record the results ( Full article available to Gartner customers). Two popular types of engagement software that can help your business create targeted and effective marketing campaigns are email marketing tools and social media marketing tools. What is an email marketing tool? An email marketing tool is a system that automates email communications between BW Lists a business and its leads and customers. It offers features such as bulk emailing, contact database, subscriber management and email templates to use in campaigns. This type of software also helps to monitor the effectiveness of email marketing and increase its efficiency with insights that can be applied to both current and older campaigns.

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Email marketing tools help with tasks such as: email template management creation of customer-focused newsletters sending survey emails execution of promotional campaigns Email marketing software integrates tool options for Colombia B2B List digital marketing Example of email marketing campaign creation ( Source ) When is it worth opting for email marketing software? Your company should consider adding email marketing software to its suite of marketing tools if your team is looking for a way to effectively and targetedly send emails to existing and potential customers and to track the success of interactions across one place.

What is an email marketing tool?

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More information about email marketing tools: Email Marketing Tools Buying Guide What is a social media management platform? Social media management platforms are systems that allow marketing teams to work on brand awareness and customer loyalty, while centralizing all outreach and social media activities on a single platform. Typically, this software offers features such as automatic publishing, content management, and customer segmentation. Social networking tools help with tasks such as: post scheduling and tracking conversion tracking multiple account management Content marketing software is also a digital marketing tool Example of creating a content calendar ( Source ) When is it worth opting for social media marketing software? You should consider purchasing social media marketing software if you want to build a strong presence on social media to build relationships with existing customers.

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