DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SEO Guidelines for Freelance Writers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must-have skill for freelance writers and contributes to your increased earnings and success. 

Most clients will specify they want SEO-optimized content, others will be impressed when you return an optimized article without prompting, and you’ll bring clients back again and again. 

Bringing working SEO knowledge to the table sets you apart and increases your value.

Understanding SEO and optimizing it in your writing isn’t necessarily difficult if you follow several essential do-it-yourself SEO tips.

Can I Do My Own SEO?

Yes, some clients will even prefer it. 

In some cases, clients will provide you cell phone number list with a list of keywords that they want to see in their content, but most times, it is up to you to produce winning content that is optimized. 

Submitting a final product that includes SEO work is a winning strategy for every writer.

Yesterday, I submitted content to a client with an analysis of its SEO effectiveness not because I had to, but because I knew they’d be back for more.

7 Steps to SEO Excellence

If someone asks a question, will your content come back as a way to solve it?

Now search for the main keywords you’ve identified. Through one of the free keyword search tools. 

You’ll be looking for the top matches BW Lists based on the volume of searches and which words or terms have the lowest competition. 

A mix of both is suggested, so your content competes for the most prevalent searches and will rank highly on searches for keywords without such intense competition.

Armed with your list, search for the words or phrases and see what is ranking on page one. 

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