Does engagement in favor of the environment also extend to SMEs?

In addition to the emissions relat to the company’s activities, it is also important to analyze emissions relat to raw materials, such as those from suppliers, and those generat by the company’s consumption of electricity. According to Fernando Beltrame , when selecting a carbon compensation project, it is important to check especially some points, such as transparency BW Lists and traceability of carbon credits. In this sense, research beforehand seems to be essential to make a correct investment. “Many offset platforms issue carbon offset certificates, but they do not show that these credits were actually use –retir or unus– to offset their CO2 emissions”, explains Beltrame. Another factor rais by him is the credibility of the support environmental projects.

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The importance of evaluating the benefits of each project to be support Finally, Beltram also highlights the importance of observing the validity of the platform itself, which must include audit environmental projects. “There are several credit registration platforms [ resource that validates credit according to international standards , including some Lesotho B2B List that disclose that they have credits but are often generated in a dubious way.” The impacts of investment in sustainability by companies In addition to ensuring the preservation of the environment while consolidating themselves as responsible and ethical companies, companies that invest in sustainable actions can also see an increase in the search for their products or services. “Consumers are undeniably pressuring companies to be more ecological and responsible.

The impacts of investment in sustainability

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For him, the best way for companies to gain a competitive advantage in this process is to differentiate themselves from their competitors, opting for a labeling scheme that indicates their ecological commitment, for example. Strategies to employ sustainability actions Beltram cites a survey by the North American consultancy Union + Webster which pointed out that in Brazil 87% of respondents prefer to buy products and services from sustainable companies . According to him, currently service organizations are already using sustainability within their interactions with the customer to improve their image and position themselves in the market.

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