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Hundrs of times for dozens of clients and I’m happy to share it with you. If you’ve never done this before there may be huge opportunities to increase target traffic waiting to be discover in your data. This is the shortest path to increase Google rankings with the smallest possible effort. The entire 7-step process should take less than an hour. This process works for both service pages and blog posts. It makes no difference. Generally service pages rank for commercial intent phrases and blog articles rank for information intent


keywords with search intent is critical for SEO. But you’ll grow your business faster if you improve the rankings and traffic for a service page so we’ll use b2b leads a service page example… We are a commercial laboratory with a page promoting our chemical testing services. Here’s our page: I pick this page because I notic that it ranks on page two of Google for a useful phrase. It’ll be a fun example. Virtually every website has opportunities we can capture with this process. 1. Find the striking distance keyphrases First you’ll find

The phrases for

Which the page almost ranks high. If you don’t pay for an SEO tool that tracks your rankings you can find them in Google Search Console which is free. But you’ll have to connect it to your website through a simple verification process. There are BW Lists several options but Google recommends the HTML file method. Ne help? Ask your web partner. Log into Google Search Console and then follow these steps: Click on the “Search results” report in the left side navigation Click on the PAGES tab Click on the filter icon (it’s the triangle shape on the

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