What is ESG and why is it important for companies?

When selecting the cash payment option, instruct your customers to communicate if they need change, which makes it easier for there to be no mismatches when the delivery person takes the order. 7. Be informative Imagine a consumer who is a big fan BW Lists of your pizzeria. How frustrated would he be when trying to order a margherita for delivery on a Monday and, after calling, discovering that contrary to what is on Google, you no longer deliver on that day. It’s no use for your restaurant to explore online sales, but to disappoint the consumer because it has conflicting information. Therefore, be useful and deliver what he is looking for – not only in terms of product, but also in terms of service. In all channels you are present, keep your business data up to date. This counts for a lot in restaurant delivery. Make sure you have: Hours and days of operation.

Imagine a consumer who is a big fan

Contact telephone number. Methods of operation (whether there is a meal on site, delivery or take away). Payment methods available. Identification of the delivery model (if it is by application or by own website). Delivery coverage area. Restaurants can create a “ Company Profile ” on Google (formerly the service was called Google My Business), which is a tool to manage how company information appears in the search engine. After all, search results Cook Islands B2B List are often customers’ first contact with a restaurant. The platform allows you to inform whether the restaurant delivers and whether it is possible to order takeout, for example. Use social media to your advantage Social networks serve as a channel to promote promotional actions, which can help boost consumption and loyalty to your restaurant.

Social networks serve as a channel

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Whether your operation is brick-and-mortar or online, social media can help bring visibility to your business. Platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram are very visual, so take advantage of this approach to post photos and videos of your dishes. Make consumers want to consume them. If you want to get the most out of these tools, use social media marketing software to automate online campaigns and get to know your followers better. You can get ideas for future actions with the insights generated by reports from these platforms.

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