Fostering Diversity Can Help Your Brand Succeed. And It’s Also Great For Society

I’ll be straight to the point here: if your brand is not committed to diversity and inclusion, you are missing out on alot. You are not just missing the opportunity to do the right thing towards making the world more respectful and better. You are also missing out on business and money.

I’ll soon get into the data, but before that I want you to imagine some scenarios. Firstly, think as a consumer: would you buy a product or service that was made without considering you? That doesn’t represent your needs or you can’t imagine gaining value among your peers?

People are not the same and don’t recognize themselves in advertisements

Try to think about the ads above with today’s eyes. These creatives are all about common sense and treating people in the same way people. With distinct lifestyles, characteristics and genders. But people are different from each other in their traits and desires. And if you cell phone leads think our marketers and publicists evolved a lot, I’d like to give you some bad news.

The majority of the people, 54%, don’t feel represented in advertisements, according to a Meta study. The sexism persists even in 2022: women have 14x greater chance of appearing in revealing clothing in these ads. Plus, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQIAP+ community almost do not exist among them: just 1.1% in the first case and 0.3% in the second.

People want to see themselves represented in your brand

I’ll talk soon about the benefits for society by empowering diversity and inclusion. But, as a marketer, you can be thinking now: “Ok, but I need to sell. I’m paid for that.” Yes, this is one of the main reasons you should look more into this question.

According to the US Census, more than BW Lists half of the American population will be part of some underrepresented group by 2042. Yes, you can think about the word “minorities”. But, together, they will represent the majority of the population. So, representing your customer as white, straight, married people with two kids may not bring the results you are looking for.

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