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As compensation for yesterday’s failure of the Orange network, the operator gives free mobile internet throughout the weekend. Yesterday, from the afternoon to 2.00 at night, Orange network subscribers throughout Poland had problems with making calls and using mobile internet. Fortunately, communication in social media and BW Lists on the blog of the company’s spokesperson was reliable and the progress of network repairs was kept up to date. Failures happen and you have to take it into account – not only in the Orange network. Although, as an apology, the company announc that on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, 2016, all customers will be able to use mobile internet for free throughout the country.

Sasmung has announ the limit edition

All individual and business customers of the Orange and nju mobile networks can take advantage of the opportunity. If you use packages, the weekend data transmission will not reduce them. Settlements will be made automatically without the need to contact the operator. Although, mobile internet from Orange over the weekend as an apology Luxembourg B2B List Orange has behav professionally and is able to reward its customers with dignity – even such a small gesture is rare today. We congratulate Orange on its professionalism and appropriate reaction. Although, this is how communication with customers in crisis situations should look like. Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, Samsung Electronics yesterday  in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the limit edition smartphone Galaxy S7 Olimpic Games Limit Edition.

Edition to celebrate the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games

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Samsung also announc the release of a special Rio 2016 official mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Although, the beginning of August it will be updat with new content relat to the Rio Olympics. In partnership with the international olympic committee (ioc), samsung will supply 12,500 galaxy s7 edge olympic games.  Edition smartphones to olympic athletes.along with the gear iconx headset. In other words, the first time in history, the olympic games will have. Its own official smartphone, which will be mark with the olympic logo a pattern of five rings in the five official olympic colors) on the device’s casing.

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