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 but software that runs as planned is much more important. Collaboration with clients is more important than contracts. Contracts are important, but maybe the product created by the developer is different and slightly inconsistent with what is written in the contract. By collaborating with the client, the development team can adjust the product being developed according to what is written in the contract and the client’s wishes. Responding to change is more important than following a plan. The client will continue to ask for changes and revisions until the client feels that the product is suitable. Therefore, every development team must be ready for the changes that occur.

Benefits of using it When used

This agile method can be felt by everyone involved in each process, such as developers, clients and vendors. The benefit obtained from the developer side is increased productivity. Because each team can do each task without having to wait for other teams to complete their whatsapp database tasks. Apart from that, developers have lots of time to develop according to their wishes. From the vendor side, using agile can save costs and can focus on feature development efforts and increasing efficiency, so users know if the vendor is responding to development requests. Objective After knowing the benefits of using agile, now we come to the objectives. There are seven goals of agile, here are the goals: High-value & working app system The first goal is to produce products of good quality and high selling value. Iterative, incremental, evolutionary The agile model itself is carried.

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 undergo changes if necessary. You could say, this method is quite flexible and can be used for development that has a relatively short time. Cost control & value – driven development Software development can be tailored to user needs. After that, the development team BW Lists can manage the time and costs needed to develop the software according to their needs. High-quality production Maintains the quality of the software created even though it is made with limited costs and time. Flexible & risk management Can minimize the occurrence of errors in programs or products before deployment. Collaboration Collaboration here.

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