Generate consistent social traffic by building a personal brand on LinkedIn

The “social network for professionals” is not the sexiest social platform. But don’t sleep on it—many people are rediscovering LinkedIn’s ability to send tons of traffic. I previously asked marketing consultant David Fallarme about how to excel on LinkedIn. This was what he said: Your first job: to find and add people who are relevant to you and your target audience. Add a few influencers in your niche, then use the “People also viewed” function to see who else LinkedIn suggests. These are typically people who post regularly, which means you’ll be exposed to a lot of content in your niche. After following ~10 – 15 influencers, you should 

Tap into the world’s fifth-largest social network by creating TikTok videos

With over 1 billion users, it’s a foregone conclusion that you need to be on TikTok, right? But most businesses haven’t, because they think it’s a platform for silly dance videos catering to Gen Z. That’s what most category email list people thought about YouTube in the early days too… and look at where we are now. The key to TikTok is consistency. Here’s what marketer and author Nat Eliason suggests: I think you should aim for two or more videos per day for the first few weeks until you get some hits. That’s a lot of videos to make, so you’ll need to generate tons of ideas. Follow Nat’s guide to learn how:

Rank high for “tool” keywords by creating free tools

As you can see, free tools can send a lot of traffic. But you have to make sure you’re creating BW Lists tools that have search demand. Here’s how to find such opportunities: Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Enter a relevant keyword Go to the Matching terms report In the “Include” box, search for terms like “tool, tools, calculator, checker, template, report” Finding tool-related keywords with Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Look through the list and find a relevant free tool you can create. For example, if I were an auto dealer, I could create a “car payment calculator” to help potential customers decide if they could afford a car.

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