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Think again! Door signs are not only very effective – since they are probably the only thing hanging on the door. They are very noticeable. But they can also be very creative. Take your marketing efforts into 2021 and beyond with an on-brand. Possibly humorous. And very eye-catching door hanger . 50. Promote yourself with business cards hey there. Old friend! If you think the business card is dead. Here.S another reality check: not only are business cards alive and well. But they.Re still a very valid marketing tactic. In fact. Your business card should accompany every handshake and every new business connection.

While going door-to-door

Give it a try; the worst thing they can say is no. Africa Email List Kicking old school sidewalk signs as low-cost marketing old school can be new. If you know how it works 48. Look for new customers in the neighborhood if it still works for politicians and lawn services. Why not for you? In fact. While going door-to-door in the neighborhood definitely falls into the “Old school” category. We happily label it “Oldie but goodie.” because it works! Experiment with inexpensive marketing materials like flyers or brochures. And start distributing them to local businesses. Stores. Parks. Or other public places your customers frequent. 49. Hang your offering on all doors if you think information gathering stops at flyers.

Check out sites like eventbrite

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You can still get that valuable face-to-face interaction through video conferencing with other participants and even private video chats to get to know a new contact BW Lists  and talk about how you can help each other to grow your business. Check out sites like eventbrite and meetupsto find virtual networking events near you. 47. Rubbing elbows with the local mia if you.Ve done something noteworthy lately — won an award. Renovat your space. Contribut to the community. Or done something else new or unique — then there.S a chance local mia will be interest.

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