Screamlootsthe automated Halloween campaign that generated +30K in revenue

Screamloots: the automated Halloween campaign that generated +30K in revenue by Victor Campuzano | Nov 3, 2019 | Growth case studies and initiatives | 17 Comments A week in advance, the date was put on the table: Halloween. The initial idea responded to a specific objective: impact. Remember to emphasize the o and be careful with the p, which tends to spit . Impact . It’s not that we had too many expectations either. We had to do something, yes. But hey, let’s not mess around… What can we get? We smile at the same time, 200 km away, prepared for the typical “storm of ideation”. What do we do? How do we set it up?

The idea: release

The idea: release discount coupons throughout the day The idea as such was very simple , even to execute manually: we had a lot of discount industry email list coupons that we wanted to release throughout the day through publications on social networks. The coupons would be limited to a few uses so anyone who wanted to redeem them would have to hurry before other people took them away. We strengthened the feeling of scarcity and urgency a little. But, as Vicent pointed out, leaving it there was a bit boring . We wanted a little more fun, we wanted a little mystery, we wanted trick or treating. So we thought it would be fun to release coupons with different discount percentages as well as fake coupons. That is, coupons that did not work. Which one would work? Quite a mystery. We really liked the idea that people didn’t know if a coupon was valid or what percentage of discount it was hiding.

How to automate

How to automate the release of coupons: the synergy between tools and the economy of time Although we accept that there are many points where we cannot achieve it, if there is something that we do not like at all, it is the loss of control. Leave things to chance. Throughout my experience I have understood that the best time to finish the tasks related to an idea is right at the moment when that idea is flowing in your heart. When you feel the excitement of what you are thinking running through your veins… And I have also understood that it is very easy for the planets to align to BW Lists hump you, condition you or make it difficult for you to execute an idea, no matter how simple it may seem . Therefore, when it comes to “campaigns” in which time plays such an important role, as is the case with single-day campaigns (Halloween, Black Friday, my birthday, etc.), everything is prepared, tested and automated in advance can make the difference between spending that day putting out fires and surviving and spending it proactively interacting with what that campaign is generating.

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