Here’s the question to sell or not to sell via marketplace?

For SMEs that are entering the marketplace segment, some strategic metrics are the average ticket, the conversion rate, the acquisition cost per customer and the number of open opportunities. Investments in marketing Most marketplaces offer a paid advertisement service (also call Ads). By carrying out an advertising campaign, the retailer can increase BW Lists the visibility of their products in the online environment and make them reach new audiences. In general, the service is usually charg per click. The seller defines how much he will spend on the campaign and which products will be sponsor. In addition to the marketplace, it is possible to extend the paid ad to Google search results. But before defining how much to invest in Ads, it is important to consider the company’s cash projections and objectives in the short and medium term.

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Inventory organization and logistics Inventory management is one of the aspects that most concern shopkeepers working in e-commerce, especially when it comes to a marketplace, where the flow of sales can suddenly increase and cause errors Burundi B2B List in the logistics chain. To prevent this from happening, it is important to automate inventory control , to know the deadlines for production and shipment of products, and to adopt security mechanisms to receive alerts whenever inventories reach a certain minimum quantity. Many companies choose to invest in tools that ensure the integration of the ERP system with the marketplaces to simplify this logistical management. Here’s the question: to sell or not to sell via marketplace.

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Now that you understand how to sell through the marketplace, it’s time to decide if this sales channel is ideal for your company. If your company is in the process of digitalization, it is worth starting to sell on the marketplace, especially if you do not intend, at the moment, to invest in your own virtual store or in digital advertisements. In addition to starting in digital sales, you will gain experience in this type of commerce. If, in your case, you already have a consolidat online operation, selling via marketplace can be a good way out for you to diversify the channels in which your store is present and increase your brand reach. Regardless of your scenario, always evaluate all commission rates and all possible benefits that the marketplace can bring to your company before making any decision.


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