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This will give you the ability to fix some pain points that can cause employees to look for new opportunities. Compare your salaries to the market average: You don’t need an analytics tool to compare your payroll to the market. If you’re paying way below average, you’re probably missing out on valuable talent as a result. Regarding governance, the establishment’s BW Lists employee can have access to a list of predetermin activities that must be follow, it is also possible to schedule preventive maintenance in rooms. Bitz Hotel makes it possible to control financial inflows and outflows through the platform, in addition to including inventory management and purchase routine control among its resources.

Bitz Hotel makes it possible

One of the integrations offer is with the restaurant, allowing control over commands, checking the status of orders and access to the menu and online orders for guests. 2. Cloudbeds Cloudbeds dashboard presentation ( Source [content in English Christmas Island B2B List with automatically generat caption in Portuguese]) Cloudbeds offers a dashboard where the user can view real-time data on arrivals, departures and reservations for the day, in addition to having access to the hotel’s occupancy percentage for the next 14 days. It also lets you upgrade guests, adjust rates, and manage offers. This hotel management system offers a module, which can be purchas separately.

Cloudbeds also offers the option

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With governance features that allow you to check the condition of the room (clean or dirty) and its status (vacant or occupi), assign an employee to tidy it up and generate a list of all rooms and their status. Cloudbeds also offers the option of printing this list so that it can be deliver to the person responsible for cleaning rounds. With the Cloudbeds reservation system, the user can create rate plans that are updat according to the option includ by the guest in the purchase, such as breakfast or a discount for a long stay. There is also the possibility of integration with payment processors and the opportunity to create customizable communications for support, service, booking confirmation and policies.

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