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The system also includes a revenue and payment management tool, in addition to having digital marketing resources, with entries in multiple online channels that are integrat with the platform. 3. Pathfinder Explanation of how the Electronic Chamber feature works ( Source ) Desbravador is a hotel system that is divid into modules according BW Lists to the size of the company or the type of service desir. In terms of booking, this tool provides an overview of the availability and occupancy of the housing units (UH), in addition to controlling rate changes according to the user’s settings. Governance resources are offer in the Electronic Housekeeping module, which includes the management of room cleaning and maintenance services. As the information is generat in real time, it is possible to know if the HU is free for check-in.

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The system also records the start and end time of the service, allowing you to track how long the employee takes on the task. Other features of Desbravador include integration with online sales channels, allowing both the sending Poland B2B List of availability and rates and the automatic receipt of reservations, as well as finance management, stock control and issuing of tax documents. 4. Hostin Presentation of the Hospedin reservation map ( Source ) Hospedin is a hotel system that brings, on its home screen, information about the availability of rooms with color division that allows you to identify whether the HU is available, occupi, being clean, block or expired. The user can access more complete information about the stay by clicking on each room.

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This tool also divides resources into modules. In governance, the user has access to the HU situation, minibar entries, check-out release and productivity indicator of the employee responsible for cleaning. There are also modules for finance, reservations and integrations. Reservations can be viewed using a map, and Hospedin offers a list of reservations made at the hotel, with the possibility of adding filters to access information, such as room or guest. There is also the option of using dynamic pricing that automates the price of daily rates according to tariffs for high or low season, festivities and per adult and child. This system provides performance reports, with sales, consumption and occupancy data, updated in real time.

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