How customer service has changed over the years?

Description Descript is another free screen recorder listed by Capterra Descript screenshot ( Source ) Customer service:  Descript is a screen recording tool that also works as an audio and video editor. User can record or upload media directly into Descript and start working on their projects. You can record your computer screen and webcam image BW Lists during web presentations and video conferences and remove unnecessary parts before sharing the final capture. The maximum resolution in the free version is up to 720p. The Descript editing tool works through a transcription of the recording. The user receives the content in text and edits it by correcting, deleting or adding words. It also lets you add titles, transitions, music, effects, and animations.

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Loom is a video and screenshot tool used by marketing, sales, HR, and engineering teams to record screen activity, team and customer meetings, interviews, and product demonstrations. Loom lets you do screen recording on both desktops and mobile devices, offering an instant editing feature. In the free version, the material created includes Sudan B2B List the Loom logo. The system includes a feature to remove hesitation markers (times when the presenter says “ah” or “ah”). This free screen recorder also has a built-in editor to trim videos, add call-to-action buttons and even make a custom thumbnail image. The program allows you to restrict access to the material only by authorized people through their e-mails. 5. OBS Studio OBS Studio is a free screen recording software Screenshot from OBS Studio.

This free screen recorder

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Studio is an open source video editing and screen recording application that helps you capture and combine audio and video files. The software allows the user to capture its screen output and add audio to the recorded videos. Also, you can add and merge multiple scenes to create transitions. OBS Studio offers an audio mixer with features like noise gate and noise suppression to set the audio input level. Adding third-party plug-ins to expand the toolkit is also supported by this free screen recorder, as well as using the broadcast settings to configure various aspects such as the quality and resolution of the video, recording it or streaming it.

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