How do surveys help customer service?

In the first part of the Capterra survey on customer service, 48% of consumers stat that chatting live with an agent (via the website or applications such as WhatsApp) would be their first choice for support, even surpassing telephone assistance ( 33%). Since the data points to a possible trend towards live chat, to create an operation with agents that BW Lists respond in real time, it is worth considering the use of live chat software . This type of tool allows you to structure the operation, whether it is carri out on the company’s own page or through third-party platforms, such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Majority of employees said their company investigates the source of negative feedback Knowing the customer’s opinion about the service can serve as a starting point for the improvement of the sector.

Courtesy and education

Some Brazilian SMEs seem to understand this, as only 8% of Capterra respondents point out that their employer does not collect or monitor customer feedback. When it comes to investigating consumer opinion, SMEs show that they get feedback on service mainly through a satisfaction survey sent by email (45%), according to their employees. Next, many also Mayotte B2B List monitor comments on social networks (43%). Of those who collect feedback, according to employees, 68% say they receive mostly positive feedback, only 3% said they receive negative feedback. Taking into account the first part of the Capterra study, this could be a result of the fact that consumers are motivat to leave reviews especially when face with a positive situation, as shown in the graph below.

Capterra respondents point

Email List

What kind of actions motivate employee feedback When they receive negative feedback, nearly two-thirds of companies (63%) investigate to resolve the source of the issue, while 53% say they apologize to customers and 31% offer some form of compensation. Courtesy and education are the most valu aspects According to employees, what customers value most about customer support is courtesy and politeness (37%). Fast problem solving (25%), patience (13%) and good listening skills (9%) round out the top four traits valu by consumers, according to the experience of SMB employees survey by Capterra.

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